Support Portal

If you have a support contract login, please login below.  Note that the usernames/passwords for this support site are not the same as those you use to access the Naturally Talented Me website itself.  If the on-screen login does not work for you (which sometimes happens if you have a lot of other browser pages open), please refresh the page and try again.  Only clients with a dedicated support contract can view their past support tickets, provide further updates, and access admin-level support documentation.

If you do not have a support contract and you have a generic question, please try our knowledgebase where you will find advice, How-To’s, and shortcuts.

Note that if you are a member of an NTM group (e.g. if your account was set-up by your school, support organisation or employer) – please refer to your Group Admin as they will be able to help you directly.


Once you have logged in as a support customer, additional client-specific information may be available to you.  After logging-in, please use the links below to view this.

Naturally Talented Me Logoi

Support Contract Options

If you are a group, school, LEA. MAT, support organisation, workplace/employer or similar, please contact us for a support quote.  We offer a range of support contract offerings:

BRONZE support Package

9am-5pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays

Single User.

8 Hour Response within support hours

SILVER support Package

9am-5pm Monday to Saturday, Sunday 10am-4pm excluding Bank Holidays.

Single User.

4 Hour Response within support hours

GOLD support Package

7am-7pm Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday, Sunday 10am-4pm excluding Bank Holidays.

Multiple users.

2 Hour Response within support hours plus emergency 4 hour response outside of support hours for critical events only.